If elected Mayor, these are the issues I’ll work on:

Responsible Development – Keeping Verona’s Hometown Feel even as we grow. I support development that is:

  • Good for people who want to walk or bike.
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Fiscally sustainable
  • A good fit for our community – we don’t need to say Yes to bad development.

Our Community – Making Verona a great place to live for all Verona residents by supporting:

  • A vibrant downtown
  • Quality city services like our library, the Senior Center, and public safety initiatives like 24-hour fire coverage.
  • Development that supports good jobs
  • Community paramedics
  • A great working relationship with the Verona school district.

– With everything that is happening at the state and national levels, it’s on us to act locally. We owe it to ourselves and to the next generation to leave our planet in a little bit better shape than we found it. We can protect our environment by:

  • Investing in building renewable energy like solar panels
  • Preserving green space
  • Protecting the Sugar River Watershed.  This includes the Badger Mill Creek, which has been designated by the DNR as an impaired waterway. We need to fix this.
  • Conserving energy
  • Not only is protecting the environment the right thing to do, a lot of it just makes sense financially.

Responsible Spending – It’s important to keep Verona’s financial health strong and to be careful with public money. As mayor, I’ll work on:

  • Reducing city debt. By reducing our debt, we can improve the financial position of our city in case of an economic downturn and reduce debt payments as well.
  • Being careful with public money: As an alder, I’ve supported budgets that cut the city portion of the property tax bill:
    2015 – 1% tax cut
    2016 – 0.1% tax cut
    2017 – 10% tax cut
    2018 – 4.32% tax cut

Open and Transparent Government

  • Our city government should be as open and transparent as possible. Verona residents have a right to know what our city government is doing.
  • I support better communication between the city and its citizens.