About Luke

Luke Diaz is a city council member and former Epic employee of 11 years. Luke lives in Verona with his wife Cheryl and son Tristan, and works in Middleton as a Document Control Specialist.

Luke thinks that being a parent is the most difficult and most rewarding thing he’s ever done.

Reading; Video Games; Listening to Music; Hiking; Cooking;

Favorite Books
Lord of the Rings trilogy; Dresden Files series; Discworld Series; A Canticle for Leibowitz; The Art of Legislative Politics; The Three Body Problem trilogy; 1984

Favorite Video Games
Witcher series; Mass Effect series; Secret of Mana; Final Fantasy 6; Chrono Trigger; Limbo; Inside; Bastion; Half Life 2; Portal 1/2; Shadow of the Colossus; The Last of Us; Earthbound; Okami; Final Fantasy Tactics; The World Ends with You; Bioshock Infinite; This War of Mine;

Favorite Movies
Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind; Hot Fuzz; Shaun of the Dead

Favorite Music
Jethro Tull; Flogging Molly; Brother Ali; Natty Nation; Bob Marley and the Wailers; Nujabes; Inna; The Seatbelts;