Why I’m Running for Verona Mayor

I’m running for Mayor of Verona on a platform of keeping our hometown feel even as we grow. As a city council member I’ve worked for responsible development that fits in with our community. I’ve worked hard to make sure developers address neighborhood concerns and that the development is beneficial to our community. I’ve even voted against some development when I felt it wasn’t in the best interest of the city. I also support development that is good for people who want to walk or bike. I want to see Verona keep developing a vibrant downtown with plenty of places to shop and eat.

In addition, I support our great city services. I’ve been a longtime advocate for our Senior Center and our library as well as services like 24-hour fire coverage.

I want the city to be a leader in doing our part to protect our environment both for this generation and the next. Now is the time to push for sustainability. And the thing is, a lot of these environmental initiatives, like energy conservancy and installing solar panels, pay off financially.

Finally, I want a government that communicates well and is very transparent. People ought to know what is going on with the city. City business should be conducted out in the open with no backroom deals for connected special interests.

In sum, I want to keep Verona a great community whether you just moved here or whether you’ve lived in Verona longer than I’ve been alive.